On top of the strong support provided by CUHK, we are building a strong network with overseas tertiary institutions and local employers to provide exchange and internship opportunities.

Our exchange partners include The Technical University of Munich (TUM), the No.1 ranked university in Germany based on the latest QS 2020 ranking and the University of Auckland, the best University in New Zealand. Other potential exchange partners include top universities in North America, Europe and Australasia.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), the best University in Germany

University of Auckland, the best University in New Zealand

We are working with companies and institutions to offer internship opportunities. To leverage on the Faculty of Social Science’s strength in policy studies, we will arrange workshops and seminars on policymaking and policy studies so that students will have direct dialogues with policy and decision makers. Moreover, the strong research capacity, professional educational experience and broad networks of the Faculty of Social Science also provide global collaborative opportunities. An example of our global collaborative research project is “AI for Social Good”, which is led by 8 scholars across the Asia-Pacific region including Professor Wilson Wong. We have also invited Professor Bridget Hutter of London School of Economics to serve as our distinguished visiting scholar in 2019-21.