Connecting Knowledge and Industry; Theory and Practice

Our well-designed interdisciplinary curriculum provides students with a solid foundation on which to acquire and integrate knowledge and theories of policies studies as well as skills in data science. Students are required to take foundational courses of both policies studies and data science, such as Introduction to Policies and Foundation of Data Science.

Other than classroom learning, students are required to participate in a wide range of interactive and experiential learning activities such as internship and capstone project that will enable them to apply what they learnt to design data-oriented policy solutions to solve different real world problems. We have lined up with Cyberport and Hong Kong Policy Research Institutes to offer internship opportunities and advisors for capstone projects.

Global Perspective and Experience

To enable students to understand the latest global developments and connect with global talents in the fields of data science and social science, students are required to participate in an overseas exchange programme for at least one academic term. We are engaging a pipeline of exchange partnerships with renowned tertiary institutions in North America, Europe and Australasia. 

Strong Societal and Market Demand

By 2022, two emerging top skills for the job market will be Technology Design and Programme; Systems Analysis and Evaluation*. Our Programme will not only equip students with these two important skills, but also train them to integrate both quantitative and qualitative skills to identify problems and come up with evidenced-based solutions. Students are trained to be data scientists, policy makes and designers, entrepreneurs, consultants and communicators so that they will be well-sought by employers in both the private and public sectors.

* Source: Future of Jobs Survey 2018, World Economic Forum