Welcome to BSSc Programme in Data Science and Policy Studies (DSPS)!

Data science is about data-driven decision-making. The field of data science and policy studies is a natural pairing, with each discipline mutually benefiting from the other. Data science, including AI, provides valuable analytic tools that can aid in the policy-making process. Conversely, policy studies provide real-world use cases for data analytics, allowing students to see the practical application of these tools in action. As data science and AI continue to advance at an unprecedented pace, it is imperative that we also develop policies to govern their ethical and responsible use. This crucial intersection between data science and policy studies highlights the need for individuals who possess a deep understanding of both fields.

2023 marks a significant milestone in the development of DSPS. We celebrate the graduation of our first batch of students and have launched the enhanced DSPS curriculum to reflect the latest advancements in policy data analytics, including the tremendous progress made in generative AI over the past few years. One of the key enhancements to the DSPS curriculum is the addition of a diverse range of electives in the integrated learning of data science and policy studies. These new electives are designed to provide students with advanced skills and knowledge in specialized areas of data science and AI, enabling them to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals. At the same time, we have also added more flexibility to the curriculum, allowing students to define their own interdisciplinary specializations. Students will choose from the list of interdisciplinary electives in the curriculum to concentrate on their areas of interest. This new approach empowers students to take ownership of their education and customize their learning experience to match their individual needs and interests.

In addition to the curriculum enhancements, we offer our students experiential learning opportunities, such as capstone projects, internships, and field trips. These elements are carefully designed to provide students with hands-on experience in applying their skills and knowledge to real-world problems. Through these experiences, students will collaborate with industry professionals and policymakers, gaining valuable insights into the policy-making process and the use of data analytics.

Our Programme's vision and mission remain steadfast. Our goal is to equip students with the latest data analytics tools and techniques to inform policy-making and drive positive change for society and humanity. In today's rapidly evolving technological world, this mission has become even more crucial than ever before.

We are living in the age of data revolution. The advent of Big Data and AI has presented us with unprecedented opportunities to tackle the most pressing societal challenges of our time. This is indeed an exhilarating time to pursue studies in data science and policy! 


Dr. Wong Kwong Cheong

Programme Director, BSSc Programme in Data Science and Policy Studies