Welcome to BSSc in Data Science and Policies Studies (DSPS)!

As a forerunner of an interdisciplinary programme that links up policy studies and data science, we are often asked how and why data science can be linked up with social science. DSPS encourages students to ask big questions about our fast changing society and then come up with bold answers to solve our social problems. In fact, data science is prognostic and can be applied in any policy areas. The crossover of data science and policy studies will equip students with essential knowledge, skills and capacities to design innovative, big data-driven, and evidence-based policy solutions to complex problems in society.

Providing a top-quality education that enables students to acquire transformative learning experiences underpins the principles of the design of the DSPS Programme. Our strong and committed teaching & research team does not only include local and world-renowned scholars from various disciplines of Social Science, we have also invited former government officials to join our teaching team to share their experience and offer practical training.

To link up our students with society, we have identified top companies and institutions to offer internships to our students. We will also involve our students in major research projects based on the grants and projects of our faulty members.

All in all, there is no doubt that DSPS offers a top quality education to our students. The DSPS Programme will not only prepare them for the future, but also enable them to drive the future.