Minor in DSPS: Embarking on a New Learning and Career Path

18 July 2022

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Embarked on becoming an interdisciplinary programme three years ago, DSPS have not only recruited major students but also attracted students from other programmes and departments. We are pleased to invite some of them who have fulfilled the requirements of our DSPS minor programme to share their experience and exposure from their studies in DSPS. We encourage students who echo with their words join us for exploring a new path of learning and career.


“Pursuing a minor in DSPS program has equipped me with the knowledge and skills that I can apply in building a career in social and public policy. It inspired me to harness technology and data to design public policies in an effective and responsible way.”


Elaine WONG, Major in Sociology (Class of 2022) and Master of Public Policy, University of Calgary, Canada (Class of 2023)


“I am a Non-DSPS student, this program really helps me explore different pathways and job opportunities. I also learned how to use various analytical frameworks to analyze different policies and cases. I have improved my research skills, and ability to think critically and write thoughtfully.”


Chloe CHONG, Major in Sociology (Class of 2022) 


“DSPS programme gave me the opportunity to take a deep-dive in modern and more effective approaches in public policy making, hence empowered me towards different internship opportunities and awards in case competitions.”


Henry CHAN, Major in GPA (Class of 2022) and Champion of HKUST Inter-University Public Policy Case Competition 2021