Tsinghua EMPA Guest Lecture: Governance in the Digital Era

11 June 2022

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Professor Wilson Wong, our DSPS co-director, has contributed a guest lecture "Governance in the Digital Era: Concerns, Issues, and Options" for the Executive Master of Public Administration (EMPA) Programme of Tsinghua University in June 2022. All students in the EMPA Programme are major and active actors in the policy and public management arena of Hong Kong. In the lecture, Professor Wong examined five of the key challenges of disruptive information and communication technologies (ICTs) which are Big Data, Open Data, AI, Social Media and Smart City and discussed their impacts on governance. The rankings and performance of the digital governance of Hong Kong was also critically reviewed. Importantly, he offered advice and recommendations on how governments and public organizations could successfully transform these challenges and turned them into opportunities of digital transformation for improving the performance and accountability of the public sector. 


Professor Wong would share some of the main content with the broader audience through his column in Mingpao. To have the full learning, apart from joining the Tsinghua EMPA,  an easier and more direct way is joining our DSPS programme as he will teach these core topics of technology and policymaking in his DSPS courses offered for major and elective students. 


If you are interested in reading the Mingpao article based on the EMPA lecture, please refer to the link below: