Publication by DSPS Lecturer: Cross-sectional Study among Traditional Chinese Medicine Users in Hong Kong

22 April 2022

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Our DSPS lecturers are also actively engaged in research activities infused with data insights and solutions. Dr Kelvin Lo, one of our lecturers, has his latest article published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, a Q1 journal in “Complementary and Alternative Medicine” which gathers evidence-based research on interventions and resources working as the complement or replacement of conventional therapies. Dr. Lo’s article is titled “Predictors of the intention to use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) using extended theory of planned behavior: a cross-sectional study among TCM users in Hong Kong". It investigates the predictors of the intention to use TCM in Hong Kong by conducting an online cross-sectional survey with reference to Theory of Planned Behavior. Analysing the survey responses by partial least square structural equation model (PLS-SEM), it showed the significant mediating effect of the variables such as Attitude and Satisfaction.


If you are interested in the research article, please visit the link below:


The research is collaborated with the Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research, School of Professional Education and Executive Development, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.