Introduction to Python Workshop

28 December 2021

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This hands-on workshop aims to equip participants with the fundamentals of programming in Python. It also introduces some commonly used libraries like NumPy, SciPy, pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn. Tentative topics include Python Language Basics, NumPy: Arrays, Pandas: DataFrame, Data Loading, Data Cleaning and Preparation, Data Wrangling, Data Aggregation and Data Visualization. Details are as follows:



Introduction to Python



Dr. LO Man Fung



28 & 29 December 2021



09:30 AM - 01:00 PM



Hui Yeung Shing Building (HYS) G04



Cantonese supplemented with English



No prior programming experience is necessary





  • Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data analysis.

  • Equip yourself with coding skills which enhance your employability.

  • Prepare yourself to make data driven decisions in different sectors.



  1. Participants should bring their own laptop.

  2. Priority will be given to Year 2/3 students from DSPS.

  3. Students from non-DSPS are welcome to join.

  4. Should there be an oversubscription for the workshop; the DSPS Office will randomly draw lots to confirm the participants.

  5. The DSPS Office reserves the rights to make final decision on any matter to the workshop.

Due Date of Application


17 December 2021


Thank you very much for your attention and we look forward to meeting you in the workshop!