DSPS3802 Selected Topics in DSPS I: Data Visualization and Storytelling

22 July 2021

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Course Description:

Data visualization and storytelling sit in the intersect of science and art. This course introduces key design principles, best practice of data visualization as well as effective story framing and delivering techniques. No prior programming skill is needed, students from all disciplines are welcome.

Over the course, students will get hands-on experience with Tableau, a highly sought-after data vis tool in industry. The lecturer will also share her real work experience as data visualist in the US. Guest lecture(s) from leading companies in the field may be expected.

Topics to be covered:


  • Design and Cognition
  • Tableau Studio
  • Application in Policy Study


  • Narrative Construction
  • Memory and Emotion
  • Audience Journey

Course Instructor: Ms. Ellie Hu

Date & Time (Term 1): Tuesday, 10:30am - 1:15pm