DSPS Site Visit @ Xtreme Business Enterprises Limited

19 November 2022

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DSPS teachers and students paid a site visit to  the Xtreme Business Enterprises Limited (XBE) on 19 November 2022. XBE is an innovative corporate which aims to create impacts on industries and society through the use of technology. They offer solutions based on Web 5 technologies such as AI, blockchain and metaverse. Its management team is well-experienced in implementing NFT, DOT, spatial web and extended reality. The visit would be fascinating to students who are interested in the field of computational social science and eager in pursuing their careers in the new technology incubator.


During the visit, students had the opportunities to learn the principles and strengths of metaverse technologies, AI and 3D capabilities, as well as to watch the real-time demonstration of the AI and 3D applications, including the creation of avatars in the metaverse and virtual restoration of antiques.


You can visit below weblink for more information about XBE.