Digital Marketing Workshop: Judge of the Hackathon and Sharer of Data Science Education

17 December 2021

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Source: Krew Digital (2021)
Source: Krew Digital (2021)

Our DSPS lecturer, Dr. Kelvin Lo, was invited to the workshop organized by Krew Digital as a guester speaker and a judge. As a top agency fueled with data driven analytic tools, Krew Digital is devoted to promote digital marketing and the use of Big Data and technological innovation. The workshop provides insightful perspectives and hands-on experience to students from the Buddhist Mau Fung Memorial College and Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College. Dr. Lo gave a talk to the students about the overview of university data science education and data science applications in Hong Kong. For more information about Krew Digital and the workshop, please view via the following links: