Big Data: Gift or Curse?

15 August 2022

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Professor Wilson Wong, co-authored with Professor Charles Hinnant of Florida State University, publish a new article "Competing perspectives on the Big Data revolution: a typology of applications in public policy" in Journal of Economic Policy Reform (Q1 in Economics, Econometrics, and Finance) to examine the driving factors of Big Data impacts. While the Big Data revolution is transforming public policy, debates and competing perspectives on its impact remain. Rather than joining the never-ending debate on whether Big Data is something good or evil, they consider it more appropriate to ask what explains the divergence of its consequences. They find out the ultimate impact of Big Data would depend on the moderating factors, which vary across contexts such as policy areas and national systems. The article also develops a typology of Big Data applications in public policy as a heuristic to understand and reconcile competing perspectives. 


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