DSPS Capstone Student Team (Roche Project Team) Presentation in Synthetic Healthcare Data Conference: A Systematic Literature Review on Synthetic Data in Healthcare & Policy

8 December 2022

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The Synthetic Healthcare Data Conference (Privacy, Algorithm, and Application in Hong Kong) was successfully organized with the aspiration of generalizing the synthetic data solutions in the healthcare sectors on 8 December 2022 in the Community Lab. The DSPS Capstone Student Team (Roche Project Team) consisting of Mr. Lucas Law, Mr. Yves Lee, Ms. Miky Fu, and Mr. Justin Ng, led by Dr. Kelvin Lo, Professor Wilson Wong, and Mr. Tony Wong presented their project findings in the conference. Apart from the discussion on benefits and challenges of sharing, evaluating and implementing synthetic data use in personalized healthcare, our team discovered that the research on synthetic data places extra emphasis on the technical perspective. To enhance public awareness and stakeholder engagement in the use of synthetic data, the consideration of synthetic data from the policy perspective such as heightening the explainability for public trust and encouraging open data for knowledge exchange is critical for the development of synthetic data in Hong Kong.


As the co-organizer of the event, the Roche Team consisting of Ms. Jennifer Hui, Dr. Junqiao Chen, and Ms. Marta Batlle López shared their insights on the potential and generation of synthetic data for addressing the privacy concerns of patients and demonstrating the power of synthetic data catering the care needs of individuals. In the meantime, Ms. Jennifer Leung from STP Platform highlighted the importance of co-creation of data in favor of collaboration among different sectors without compromising security and privacy of the data usage.


To shape synthetic data in both technical and policy perspectives and optimize the synthetic data solutions, it requires the effort of experts and younger generation bringing in their innovative vision, research evidence and practical experience. Essentially, the Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong as the creator of the event plays the role to gather discussants in a conference for both advancing knowledge and connecting the concept of synthetic healthcare data to the public.


Please refer to the following links if you are interested in knowing more about Artificial Intelligence Society of Hong Kong, Roche and STP Platform: